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Curriculum Overview

Reintegreat Education Solutions provides education and pastoral support to children in KS3 and KS4, supporting them to overcome their difficulties and achieve their potential by building their confidence and self-esteem. Reintegreat provides a relevant, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that is linked to the National Curriculum. Reintegreat meets the needs of all young people, enabling them to achieve their educational potential and make progress in their learning; and promote their good behaviour and safety, their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We identify the specific personal, social and academic needs of learners and ensure they are met in order to help them to overcome any barriers to learning.

Reintegreat’s aim is to promote a culture that effectively breaks down the barriers to learning by creating a safe and stimulating learning environment based on individual needs. All staff believe that the enhancement of self-esteem and confidence for all learners is paramount to their future success, with a strong focus on academic qualifications. All staff promote the re-engagement of learners and help them to achieve their learning potential. This is underpinned by staff working in partnership with parents/carers and other stakeholders to achieve the very best for each individual learner.

Reintegreat’s approach to promoting good quality teaching and effective learning is an integral part of our school curriculum and is underpinned by the aims of the school. We also recognise that it is the responsibility of the school to provide good quality teaching and learning opportunities which will significantly influence the behaviour of our learners. Reintegreat will always seek to encourage and support the achievements of the learners through highly effective teaching and a positive learning environment. We evaluate our organisational strengths and weaknesses and use these findings to promote improvement.

Reintegreat specialises in individual education interventions to young people either excluded, not attending, not engaging with education or struggling to make progress. We also provide education from day 6 for any student who has been excluded from their mainstream school.

We believe that every child should leave Reintegreat prepared for life in an ever-changing modern society, therefore we provide quality teaching and learning to develop every young person’s values, skills and behaviours that they will need to succeed in all aspects of life. One way we achieve this is by incorporating offsite educational visits within our curriculum to bring learning to life and to broaden our learners’ horizons.

KS3 Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, learners follow a broad and balanced curriculum that balances academic challenge and outdoor education. Reintegreat’s aim is to continue with the learner’s academic work with the intention of them returning to a mainstream school in the first instance or to a fulltime Alternative Provision.

The subjects we offer at KS3 are:

Physical Education
Creative Arts

KS4 Curriculum

At KS4 Reintegreat offers a rich and diverse curriculum to learners in years 10 and 11. If it is agreed that a student will remain at Reintegreat, they will have the opportunity to work towards a number of GCSE qualifications.

The KS4 curriculum offer is:

GCSE English language
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE Combined Science
GCSE Photography
Health and fitness - NCFE
Physical Education

Careers/employment skills & post 16 pathways

Hospitality and Catering - NCFE

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