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Reading is fundamental to our young people’s learning and therefore is an essential and integral part of all areas of the curriculum. We understand that children will not be 'highly engaged' if they struggle to read, therefore the teaching of reading is one of our top priorities to engage the students in their learning and to ensure their progression.




Reading Plus

At Reintegreat we use an online reading programme called Reading Plus which helps develop and improve three particular skills in reading.

Reading Plus is a research-based silent reading intervention that helps students gain proficiency by improving comprehension, reading rate, and vocabulary.

To encourage our students to use this programme we have introduced a new reward system which involves the awarding of certificates, books and other incentives.

All students are given a username and password and can access this programme at home as well as at school. We would be grateful if you could support your child when using this at home.


The trusted newspaper to inspire young minds.


At Reintegreat First News delivers striking global headlines to get our young people reading, thinking and talking. While growing each students global awareness and boosting their reading attitudes and skills, the newspaper offers a wealth of cross-curricular benefits throughout whole school.


Published every Friday, the newspaper is the ideal complement for English literacy, PSHE and Citizenship classes in Key Stages 3 & 4, as well as topical assemblies, libraries, newspaper and debate clubs.

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