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Services to Schools

Reintegreat has over 20 years extensive experience of supporting young people and their families within the Tees Valley. We aim to remove barriers, re-engage the love of learning and reintegrate back into an educational setting. We provide a nurturing, inspirational learning environment that is engaging and person centred.

We are passionate about making a difference to the children and young people we work with, and we go above and beyond to secure the best possible outcome which we think our 5-star rated service illustrates.

We pride ourselves on the investment we make into building strong and effective relationships with key partners and stakeholders. We are proud of the difference we are making to the lives of children and young people across Teesside.

We have worked with many young people and offer personalised programmes to help support their individual needs. Our team aim to help disengaged young people back into an educational setting.


Why not take a look at what we offer

We at Reintegreat understand that not all children and young people learn in the same way, which is why our school is bespoke to each individual. Our range of services provides flexibility, to ensure every child and young person has access to an education and no child gets left behind. Reintegreat offers the following services;


On-site Placements

Our centre is based in Middlesbrough in the heart of the community. We offer half day, full day or twilight placements onsite at our secure venue. On this site we have an experienced team that specialise in supporting children and young people in education.


Home Tuition

Our home tuition team deliver education within the family home or local community. This may be required when; students are recovering from illness, students have medical problems, mental health issues or are chronically disengaged from education.


Mobile Learning

Our mobile classroom brings education to the student, making it much more accessible to children and young people. The mobile classroom comes fully equipped and has CCTV and internet access.


Online Learning

Education at your fingertips. Our online learning platform makes learning possible from any location. Every learner has their own unique username and password and can gain access to our interactive learning platform.


Needs Assessments

Improving young people's outcomes through better assessment. All young people will have access to the following educational assessments; baselining, attainment, literacy, and language, SEND and wellbeing. These assessments can help us identify potential barriers to learning, early detection of these can be pivotal in ensuring successful future outcomes.​


Beyond the Classroom

Our outreach programme works with children and young people who identify as needing extra support beyond the classroom. This service can include community activities, respite, mentoring, social and emotional support.

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