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Outreach at Reintegreat

Our aim is to be preventative, not reactive. We wish to support schools in exploring other avenues of support before permanent exclusion. The students and their success and inclusion in mainstream education, is paramount to all that we do.

How can we help?

If you have a student who is in need of 1-1 support in school, either inside or outside the classroom, then we can help. We can create a package that fits around the needs of the student and the needs of the school. Using the Reintegreat Readiness Scale as a measurement we can provide a diagnostic to identify areas where the student is succeeding in school, and areas where the student needs additional support. Our staff will then work with the student, staff and parents/carers to create a transition plan which includes strategies to re-engage the student within the classroom or mainstream provision.

We can provide creative sessions that are designed to encourage imagination and build resilience and problem-solving skills. Through the sessions, students are able to communicate in a safe, non-judgemental environment, which allows them to express their emotions and begin to understand their own behaviours within the school environment.

At Reintegreat we understand that not all children and young people learn in the same way, which is why our services are bespoke to each individual. Our range of services provides flexibility, to ensure every child and young person has access to an education and no child gets left behind. Reintegreat offers the following services: Onsite placements, home tuition, mobile learning, online learning and outreach work.

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