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Reintegreat’s Careers Curriculum


Students need to make aspirational choices for their future, at Reintegreat, we feel that Careers education will help guide the students to make these choices.  At Reintegreat, we ensure that all students have access to a wide range of opportunities that will help them prepare for post 16 and the wider world.  We also continue to support our students Post 16 so that we have 0% NEET (not in education, employment or training).  Reintegreat’s aim is for our students to have high aspirations for their futures and succeed. 

At Key stage three, our students will gain an understanding around different types of careers that are available within the local community and beyond.  They will also gain an understanding around the importance of understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and what skills are desirable to different employers. 


Key Stage 3:


  • Opportunities to visit a variety of workplaces

  • Opportunities to engage with employers

  • Opportunities to have encounters with Post 16 providers, including working with higher education providers

  • Provide information and keep students up to date with the ever-changing labour market and new qualifications as they become available to allow them to make the correct choices. 


Key stage 4:


  • We inform students that there are many opportunities available to all post 16.

  • Opportunities for workplace visits

  • Opportunities for employer engagement

  • Opportunities to listen to bespoke speakers

  • Engage with Post 16 destination providers.

  • Provide information and keep students up to date with the ever-changing labour market and new qualifications as they become available to allow them to make the correct choices. 

  • We work alongside providers e.g. ASK Programme and local employers to ensure the students CV’s are the most up to date and students have access to practicing mock interviews.


Careers at Reintegreat is ran through the curriculum, it is taught throughout all subjects allowing students to understand the link between the subject and employment.


Key Stage 3:

  • Encounters with local businesses

  • Visits to compare old and new employment

  • Bespoke speakers/employers to support students

  • 1-1 CEIAG.

Key stage 4 (the curriculum progresses from the opportunities in Key stage 3):

  • Engage in work experience

  • Visits to post 16 providers including colleges, training providers, apprenticeship providers and local businesses

  • Bespoke speakers/employers to support students

  •  1-1 CEIAG.


At Reintegreat want the students to experience as much as they can related to career opportunities so they can have an open mind and develop their aspirations for their post 16 choices.

How do we achieve The Gatesby Benchmarks?

​​​​​​​The Gatsby benchmarks are met due to our inclusive teaching of careers. We have a stable careers programme which all students have access to. Students learn from the labour market information and have access to qualified staff to ensure information is up to date and useful. All students are supported and have a bespoke careers package to enable them to successfully transition to post 16 destinations. Our curriculum is coherently linked to careers in all subjects. All students have access to encounters with employers and employees throughout their time with us. Students complete work experience and have various opportunities to visit workplaces. Students work closely with colleges, training providers and higher education providers to ensure our careers advice does not cease at post 16 options. All students have the opportunity for personal guidance and year 11’s have one to one CEIAG interviews with our school Careers Advisor, Alison Aspery.

Below are some useful links to Post-16 providers in our local areas, these will provide more detailed information around courses and college life and you will also find sections on how to apply. If you are aware of any other providers who you think might interest our students, please
let us know.







Post-16 Educational Links

Stockton Riverside College -
Stockton 6th Form College -
Middlesbrough College -
Darlington College -
Hartlepool College -
Redcar and Cleveland College -
Skills Academy -
Askham Bryan College -
Learning Curve -

The Tees Valley Careers Hub website is also a very useful site:


Local Jobs market information
It is really useful to have a good understanding of what the local and national jobs market is like so you can gain a better understanding of your potential options. The website below provides detailed and specific information about the local labour market data for the Tees Valley area

Jobs and careers in the Tees Valley
There are a wide variety of career choices within the Tees Valley, the link below provides a wide
range of information around that industrial sector and is specific to the Tees Valley area

Job and industry national information
If you want more information about specific sectors or jobs, below are some useful links to help you

Careers Learner Journey

If any employer/provider is interested in visiting or becoming involved with our careers pathway, please contact Alison Aspery.

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