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Hospitality & Catering

Key Stage 4 Hospitality and Catering Curriculum Intent 

The Key Stage 4 hospitality and catering curriculum focuses on understanding food and how to cook but how the hospitality industry works as a whole. Pupils will develop with challenging technical skills and knowledge of the hospitality industry; how it works, types of establishments and job roles. Pupils are taught how to be resourceful and resilient; they learn how food, nutrition and health can be taken with them throughout their everyday lives.

For some of our students, studying hospitality and catering in key stage 4 provides the platform for more advanced studies within the catering industry and their hope is to move on to be chefs. What they actually discover is that the hospitality and catering sector as a whole is huge and higher education after this subject can go in many different directions, from food science and nutrition. They soon see that hospitality and catering is the basis for a wide range of careers. For others, it will be their last opportunity for them to learn lifelong skills that will support them throughout their life. They will learn how to eat well for less and how to eat well to ensure that they have a long and healthy life. Advancements in food are ever changing and some of that knowledge is essential for the wellbeing and development of pupils.

Key topics include:

  • To understand how food can cause ill health - causes, control and prevention.

  • How the industry works - types of establishments and job roles.

  • Environmental issues and how to be responsible. Reducing food miles, local produce and sustainability.

  • Special diets - Looking at the dietary needs of customers. Medial, religious and social diets and the effects on wellbeing.

  • Menu planning - what makes a good menu, accompaniments, colours and textures. What ingredients complement each other.

  • Nutritional value of food. Diet through life and daily requirements.

  • Technical cooking skills such as filleting fish, boning meat and sugar work.

All students leave this subject being able to problem solve and support themselves nutritionally. They enjoy cooking, can work from detailed time plans and can organise and work together to hold a hospitality event with complete confidence. We give each student the tools to be independent and the ability to grow learning from their mistakes, attributes and qualities needed throughout their whole life.

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