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Mission Statement

Remove barriers, Re-engage, Reintegrate

Our mission is to provide a safe and inspirational learning environment, which provides teaching and learning with a diverse and innovative approach to education.

We are a caring and inclusive school where good quality, guidance and support for the whole school community is a high priority.

We are committed to ensuring our school is a nurturing and stable environment in which learners are provided with opportunities to develop their emotional well-being as well as their academic achievement. We work collaboratively with a range of professionals and agencies to meet the holistic needs of every student.

Our ethos is to be a school which children and young people are happy to be a part of. Through excellent teaching and learning, students feel inspired to break the cycle of low expectations, feel valued and thus raise their aspirations for success. The whole school community will work together to enable our children and young people to become confident, well-rounded individuals who are able to make the successful transition back into mainstream school, higher education, training and employment.

As part of the alternative provision we will:

  • Provide a safe and stable environment to secure positive relationships

  • Assess learners needs and build on their prior learning

  • Engage learners in a personalised curriculum that helps further their learning, social and employability skills

  • Offer nationally recognised accreditations and ensure pupils continue to develop their numeracy and literacy skills

  • Help learners to build their self-confidence and resilience

  • Model good practice to demonstrate the importance of acceptable and appropriate behaviour

  • Support learners to translate and adapt their behaviour and reactions to interact positively with others

  • Provide support and guidance for learners and their families to access brighter futures through partnership and collaboration with schools and all stakeholders

  • Reintegrate students into mainstream education, or enter into continued education, training or employment and where appropriate secure specialist provision

  • Champion the learners we serve to ensure they have access to first class services and support

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