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Strategic Vision & School Development

At Reintegreat we believe it is imperative to have a clear, long term school vision that outlines what we believe is important.


The 4 main aims and beliefs of our whole school strategic vision development plans are:

  • Developing staff

  • Aiming for excellence

  • Whole child approach to learning

  • Investing in futures and life beyond Reintegreat

These four areas are all underpinned by the four key areas of the Ofsted framework:

  • Quality of Education

  • Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership and Management

At Reintegreat, we believe in developing and nurturing the ‘whole’ child and we aim to develop the social, emotional, behavioural and academic needs of each student who attends, to allow them to have a successful future.


We aim for all learners who attend our school to receive a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum that enables them to make rapid and sustained progress and to make a positive transition to their next stage of education, training or employment.


We believe in giving all students a new start and our fundamental aim is always to provide our learners with the opportunities to return to mainstream education, if appropriate. If this is not possible, we will ensure that we provide all of our students with the equality of opportunity which their mainstream peers are entitled to.


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