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At Reintegreat we place the safety and wellbeing of all of our students at the heart of everything we do. As an Independent School we recognise, value and promote the fact that all children have the right to go about their daily lives without fear of being threatened, assaulted or harassed, to have an education, to be protected from violence, abuse and neglect and not be discriminated against on any grounds.

As a school we do not underestimate the impact that bullying can have on a person’s life. It can cause high levels of distress, affecting young people’s well-being, academic and social development right through into adulthood. Therefore, at this school we recognise bullying as anti-social behaviour that will not be tolerated. We believe students and families should have the confidence that they will be listened to and that any bullying that is reported will be dealt with promptly and effectively. All students are aware that they are able to speak to any member of staff to make them aware of bullying that is taking place. 

As an Independent School we also recognise that children and young people have the right to their own views, beliefs and freedom of expression and we will do all we can to empower students to have a major role when it comes to tackling bullying in this school.

Children learn about bullying and the impact it can have on a person, through our PSHE curriculum and through discussions with staff. Reintegreat also celebrate Anti-Bullying week, every year in the Autumn term.


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