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At Reintegreat we feel communication is key to meeting the needs of all of our students’, we therefore, as part of our offer carry out the following functions:




We hold regular meetings with parents/carers and all agencies involved. We are more than happy to make time to talk and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and showcase your child’s work and the work of our school.




Staff contact parents/carers to update them on their child’s behaviour and progress throughout the week. Parents are encouraged to make contact with Reintegreat if they have any concerns or are worried about their child.




The school Facebook/Twitter pages are a great way for us to communicate. Parents are able to search and follow Reintegreat and will see the latest news, examples of outstanding students work, success stories, important updates and at times an inspirational quote for our whole
school community.




ClassDojo connects our teachers with students and parents, so that parents are instantly informed about the behaviour and academic work that their child has completed that day. We can instantly share photos, videos, and announcements on Class Story, or privately message
with any parent. Parents are also able to contact staff instantly with any concerns.




Where necessary we may send letters home to parents/carers to inform them of any upcoming events, exam dates or school trips.

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