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Behaviour & Rewards

Reintegreat prides itself on high expectations regarding behaviour. We understand that our learners have often been permanently excluded from mainstream education but by utilising small groups, high staff ratios, specialist staff and an engaging personalised curriculum, we work hard to modify behaviours and allow the learners to be successful socially, emotionally and academically.


We feel that positive behaviour should be rewarded, celebrated and recorded; therefore, Reintegreat has developed a ClassDojo rating system.

Each day, from the moment students arrive on site until the leave, students are able to earn up to 5 points a day

It is the responsibility of teaching staff and teaching assistants to record the behaviour of students on a daily/weekly basis. This information is then collated and recorded by Tutors and teaching assistants.

Please download the app because ClassDojo is free.


Parents/carers will receive a minimum of one phone call per week informing them of their child’s ClassDojo points rating and an update on their behaviour and progress.

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