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Referral Process

Step 1

Complete the referral form and upon receipt we endeavour to arrange an initial visit with the young person and their parents or carers and give a start date within 3 working days.


Step 2

Once referred into our service we assess the needs of each young person through an open and honest discussion with parents/guardians, schools, academies, and local authorities.


Step 3

A member of our team will liaise with the young person and relevant parties to set targets and plan how to achieve them. We do this by creating an individualised behaviour profile and a Care Plan.

Length of provision 


Every young person is unique; therefore we do not specify any strict timescales within our provision. We look at the contact time needed and agree on a realistic and flexible programme for the young person and their return to their educational setting. This is monitored throughout their placement by Reintegreat and by all relevant parties. Throughout their engagement with Reintegreat, the young person must remain on the role of the current school or educational setting.




We individualise every young person’s experience, but we strive to keep consistencies, standards, and expectations high throughout the process.


  • We work with the young person 1-1 or in small groups, as approach can be very successful in building their confidence and self-esteem

  • We introduce Reintegreat’s ethos and expectations to the young person, building healthy and positive relationships, and promoting a sense of inclusion and ownership of progression

  • A re-engagement plan is written and completed by members of our team, to highlight the areas of support that the young person requires. The actions that will be undertaken with the young person are agreed and benchmarks are set to enable everyone to track progress.

  • We endeavour to build strong relationships with each young person, parents/carers, and all commissioners. This is critical as the inclusion of all relevant parties is the key to a successful placement with us

Report and Feedback 


  • We will provide the school or educational setting with daily contact regarding attendance updates and actions.

  • We will send weekly session overviews identifying learning objectives, engagement, and behaviour.

  • Communication logs with school and parents can be accessed at any time by the agreed-named person.

  • Schools will receive half-termly individual learning plans, up-to-date care plans, and offsite/risk assessments.

  • A Reintegreat ‘Readiness Scale Report’ is used to give a clear measurement of the young persons development. It is a specific, quantitative assessment tool to help analyse behaviour, measure readiness to reintegrate, and highlights areas of further development. This is an ongoing assessment that evidences when the young person is ready to return to their educational setting.



Evaluation Process


We encourage feedback from the young people, their families, school/educational settings, and commissioners using our evaluation forms. Feedback is fundamental to Reintegreat as we strive to ensure we improve and maintain high standards at all times.  


Compliance Overview


At Reintegreat, we aspire for excellence in all areas of our service. We have rigorous compliance and quality assurance policies in place. We operate a strict and demanding recruitment process that undertakes complete background checks on all of our employees. As part of the commissioning procedure, we will provide copies of all relevant paperwork including policies and procedures, risk assessments, insurance documentation, and data security strategies.

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